Common Tech Myths Busted

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Common_Tech_Myths_Busted.jpgWith the constant changes in technology, it is important to know how to best take care of your devices and to be as knowledgeable as possible so you don’t get left behind. Below we have listed some of the top technology myths, some of which have been around for far too long. 

1. Don’t charge your devices overnight

Many think that charging their phone or tablet overnight can cause the device to overcharge and destroy the life of the battery. People cautious of this also worry about leaving laptops plugged in 24/7. While this is a popular notion, modern electronics automatically stop charging and in turn do not overcharge. 

2. Don’t use an aftermarket charger

Third party chargers such as those from Belkin or Monoprice are okay to buy, but they won’t charge your gadget as quickly. Knockoff chargers are the ones to be weary of. These are chargers that don’t usually have a brand name or say they are from Apple, Samsung, HTC, and are responsible for the horror stories you hear about devices bursting into flames. Your best bet when it comes to chargers is to pay the difference and buy them directly from the manufacturer.

3. You can leave your gadget in the car or outdoors

Extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, will harm your device and its battery. In the summer heat, car interiors can reach well over 100 degrees causing batteries to swell and be destroyed within hours. When temperatures dip, your device may die when trying to use it outdoors. To ensure your device will fare well in the varying temperatures, read the owner’s manual or seek guidance from the manufacturer’s website.

4. Let your battery drain before charging

Lithium-ion batteries which are in today’s devices do not have the memory effect older Nickel-Cadmium batteries had. Li-ion batteries last longest when kept 40% to 80% charged. Also, if you let your Li-ion batteries discharge completely for too long, they can become permanently damaged.

5. Always shut down your computer at night

In the past, computer parts wore out much faster than they do today; this lead to the notion that to make your computer last longer, you should always shut it down at night. Modern computers can run all night with no problem due in part to newer, more robust parts. Computers today also automatically back up data or install updates overnight, so it can be beneficial to leave them running. In regards to saving energy, you can also use one of your computers many power-saving modes.

6. More is always better

A general myth used by technology manufacturers use to boost sales is that more is always better. Do you really need a 1 terabyte conventional hard drive when most people rarely fill up a 256GB hard drive? Whether it is in regards to hard drive storage size or camera megapixels it is always best to do your research; find what capabilities best suit your needs and how much is too much.

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