Partnering With an MSP: Why IT Works

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Taking advantage of managed services to save money on IT costs is the perfect method for maximizing your business’s profitability.

We’ve compiled five compelling reasons MSPs are beneficial to your bottom line.

5 reasons why MSPs are better for business

1. 24/7 Extensive Network Security

While your in-house IT manager must sleep, hackers never do. And when you’re partnered with an MSP, your network security never sleeps either.

If you’re operating your own IT or you’ve contracted a break/fix service, your system isn’t at peak performance. With all of your other responsibilities, it’s nearly impossible to make time for regular updates, patches, network monitoring, preventative security installments, device updating — all basic requirements for maintaining a healthy technology system.

And when you don’t have time for basic IT needs, hackers have even greater leisure to infiltrate your lackluster defenses and steal your data, infect your machines, and possibly even shut down your network altogether.

Every day over 323,000 new malware strains are created. 

– Kaspersky

MSPs run network security 24/7 — installing tools to prevent threats, monitoring your network and analyzing it alongside cyber-threat trends to keep your system sufficiently armed to combat the latest hacks and schemes. Additionally, MSPs educate your staff to minimize the primary thing you can control: human error.

2. Streamlined Productivity

There aren’t many scenarios more infuriating than when you’re attempting to work but you continually hit roadblocks in the form of computer problems — oftentimes, problems that you are not equipped to handle.

When you take advantage of an MSP and its attendant benefits, you don’t have to worry about the stress and expense of downtime, or finding last-minute IT services, or even waiting for your “computer wizard” to take time from their other job to take a look at your technical issue.

MSPs offer consistently scheduled maintenance, constant network monitoring, automatic upgrading and collaborative technology tools that bolster your workforce’s productivity. Moreover, MSPs strategically install system automation tools that reduce the amount of time you have to spend working on routine tasks, freeing you up for more productive opportunities.

Managed IT Services Increase Efficiency by 50% to 60%. 

– Cisco

3. Predictable Expenses

Technology breaks. If you’re running a company this isn’t news to you. And if you’re not using an MSP, you’re contracting an emergency break/fix IT service that will bill you accordingly — at inflated emergency rates. Running your business’s IT without a partner is like being a football player without health insurance: You’re going to get hurt. Prepare for it, and you’ll find that you save money.

Managed IT Services Reduce Recurring In-House Costs by 30% to 40% 

– Cisco

With an MSP you’ll receive monthly billing that is agreed upon at the signing of your contract. Furthermore, MSPs proactively monitor your network 24/7 to ensure uptime, and are alerted to systems that are having problems or failing before you even realize it. This allows for a very fast response when things do go wrong.

With that known flat fee you have the ability to plan your budget accordingly, instead of setting some “just-in-case” money to the side.

4. The Team Package

You know you want to hire a tech unicorn — someone who prevented the y2k “millennium bug” but who’s still willing to work for a reasonable rate. That’s a nice dream, but it’s not very likely to happen.

What you can do is hire an MSP that comes with a full team of technology experts — all for one consistent monthly rate.

Each time you call in a break/fix service when something goes wrong, it’s like training someone new over and over again. You’re obliged to walk them through your network, explaining systems with each new temp who arrives to put out your IT fire. When you partner with an MSP, you have the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with a trusted team of experts who are familiar with your network. A team that stays well-versed in the latest malware threatening your system, and who can educate you and your team on best practices for the smooth, continuous maintenance of your system.

5. Rapid Response Time

We’re aware that you might have a “computer wizard.” Hey, we all love having a friend who’s a doctor, an auto mechanic, an IT genius. That’s wonderful for your personal home computer that your kids keep downloading viruses on. But when you have a technology fire, you can’t wait for your wizard to have time to take a look; you need it dealt with immediately so you can get back to work.

In every field, downtime kills businesses. And when catastrophes strike, MSPs are promptly galvanized into action. They’re not sitting in traffic, trying to get to you. You’re not getting their voicemail when you reach out.

In fact, they are right there with you solving problems, putting out fires and minimizing downtime — one of the biggest impediments to your productivity and profitability.

Companies lose $926 a minute during data center downtime 

– Emerson Network Power

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Here are more reasons you’ll save money with an MSP.

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