Managed IT Services

The First Responder to your IT needs so you can operate your business without worry.

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Implementation of Multifactor Authentication (MFA) across applications

MFA enforcement eliminates more than half of your risks, where enabled.

We will work with you to go through all critical applications and implement this feature.

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Internal threat detection

Hackers are usually in a network for 180 days before launching an attack.

Internal threat detection allows us to detect this sooner, with notifications of unusual logins, elevated privileges, or any changes to the network.

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Dark web monitoring

Breaches happen every day, and if you or your employees’ credentials are on the Dark Web, you may be giving them a fast pass.

Over 80% of people reuse their passwords in multiple applications.

With Dark Web Monitoring, we get breach notifications, we send you an email, “Hey David, if you’re using the password Sally123 anywhere, go change it, it’s popped up on the Dark Web.” 

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Managed IT Services: First Responder Program

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gulf south technologies first responder program baton rouge

Gulf South Technology Solutions First Responder Program provides managed IT services that deliver a unique IT support experience for your business.

Designed around your business goals, our managed IT services programs are customized to fit your needs and help you maintain your budget through fixed monthly pricing, alleviating the financial burden of an on-site IT department.

With our managed IT services program, we make use of our specialized systems and dedicated team members to respond to issues within your network, often before you’ve even noticed that a problem has occurred.

Our systems are automatically alerted to potential issues like downed routers, disk usage warnings and notify the correct person to remedy the situation.

We'll handle everything from the server to your desktop.

Managed IT Services For a Fixed Monthly Price

Your time and your money are precious, and you’ve got more important issues to deal with than your computer network and IT support issues.

That’s why we created our First Responder Program, to provide managed IT services that allow you to focus less on spending and resources, and more on doing business.

Our First Responder Program is the ideal solution for any organization that demands network reliability and quality service, without the high monthly costs of an on-site IT department.

With managed IT services, you get the peace of mind in knowing that your network is taken care of, all for a predictable fixed monthly price.


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How Managed IT Works

Managed IT Services function in much the same way any successful business does.

We bring your business a structured framework, providing the systems your business needs to monitor and maintain a secure, functioning network.

With the IT world changing constantly, managed IT services make it easier to stay ahead of the curve, by providing you with IT experts with the backgrounds you need to cover every aspect of your business.

We make sure that your business is covered from your mobile devices to your cloud servers and desktops.


We Are The IT Experts

Hiring in the IT world can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure what you should be looking for in a support staff environment.

We make it simple, when you hire Gulf South Technology Solutions, you’re bringing on a team of IT experts from every possible background.

We work hard to create a great work environment that attracts the best talent, making sure we’re able to deliver the highest quality of service to our customers.

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Let Us Manage Your IT