5 Reasons Why You Need a VPN


Do you use a VPN service? We always talk about the benefits of a VPN since it is a good way to boost your online security and privacy.

With a VPN, your gadget’s IP address is hidden from websites and services that you visit, and you’re able to browse anonymously. A VPN is also a great way to hide your internet tracks from would-be snoops especially on public Wi-Fi.

Think of it as a middleman that provides a tunnel between you and the websites you’re visiting.

In this modern internet age of big data, cybercrime and online surveillance, a VPN is certainly turning into one of the most essential tools everyone should have in their arsenal.

Here are five reasons why you need to use a VPN for enhanced security on your everyday online activities:

1. Hide your IP

With a VPN, the actual IP address of your computer is hidden from websites and services you visit. This means websites, advertisers, trackers and hackers, snoops and even your ISP can’t trace back your activity to your IP address.

2. Hide your location

Here’s another advantage of using a VPN service – you can switch your VPN server’s geolocation and make it appear like your internet traffic is coming from another country.

By changing your virtual location, you can bypass location restrictions from video and music streaming services that only allow access from specific regions and even visit websites that are banned or censored by your host country’s government or your ISP.

3. Your traffic is encrypted

Although most VPN services can hide your IP address, not all of them offer end-to-end encryption. For your utmost security, hiding your IP address is not enough, you need to keep your data private too.

With good VPN services all your traffic is encrypted, meaning the data that travels between the VPN server and your computer is undecipherable to would-be eavesdroppers.

This end-to-end encryption will protect you from surveillance outfits, cybercriminals and snoops who want to intercept and analyze your traffic.

4. Protect yourself on public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks at coffee shops, fast food chains and airports can be lifesavers when you’re in a pinch.

But is “free” Wi-Fi really free? What most people don’t realize is that there are a lot of trade-offs when you connect to public Wi-Fi spots. Simply put, if you browse on a public Wi-Fi network without ample protection, your browsing and online activity will be exposed.

See, if an opportunistic snooper is also on the same network, it gives them a good chance of eavesdropping on what you’re doing. A clever hacker could even inject malware into your traffic or trick you into giving out your passwords.

Fortunately, a VPN can also protect you from public Wi-Fi attacks and prevents crooks from intercepting your web traffic.

5. Surf the web safely and privately

Cybercrime is a global epidemic that’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, things are constantly getting worse.

When you protect your traffic with a VPN, your browsing will be private and secure, giving you the online freedom you deserve.

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