5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Old Business Computers Now

replace old business computers

New computers can be a big expense for small businesses. However, continuing to work with old, outdated computers can cost your company in multiple ways — including maintenance repairs, downtime, and security risks.

If you’ve been putting off a computer upgrade, here are five reasons why you may want to reconsider waiting any longer.

1. Software Support

If your computers are too old to run modern software, it’s likely your software support may be out-of-date, too. For example, for the five years after a release, Microsoft offers customers help without any charge. Then, for the next five years, it charges for all support other than its online help database.

2. Security Risks

Computers running older software applications are usually at greater risk of security problems. This is partly because developers eventually stop issuing security updates and fixes for new bugs. Another key issue is that the longer a particular piece of software is out, the longer hackers have to discover and exploit its flaws.

3. Maintenance Costs 

Older computers are more likely to have performance problems due partly to basic wear and tear. Other issues create software problems over time, like file fragmentation, registry errors, and outdated drivers. A survey of businesses by Techaisle found that the average cost of maintaining a PC that was more than three years old is 28 percent higher than purchasing a newer computer. Plus, on average, older machines cost over $500 to upgrade and repair. Another expense is the high cost of lost efficiency from slow or faulty old computers.

4. Productivity Issues

While outdated computers can breakdown and cost you lost productivity and sales, new devices can provide longer battery life, shorter startup times, faster connection to the office network, and the ability to multi-task with several applications at once — all benefits that improve your overall productivity. In fact, the Techaisle study also found that while a computer is down for repair, more than 40 hours of productive work can be lost a year.

5. Tax Benefits

The U.S. government’s section 179 deduction is part of a federal stimulus package that allows businesses to list the full cost of computers and software as an immediate expense — which lowers their tax liability versus having to depreciate it over several years.

Why wait for an outdated computer to wreck havoc on your business? Gain greater computing capabilities, efficiency, and even tax breaks by upgrading your network to the latest and greatest technology has to offer — today. 

If you’d like help to find the right computer upgrades for your business, the IT pros at Gulf South Technology Solutions can help streamline your decision process.

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