5 Benefits of Using Outsourced IT Support

outsourced it support

As the Internet of things (IoT) rapidly expands and the world becomes more digitally-based, business owners and managers are faced with the important decision of whether to outsource their IT support. Though it is tempting to bring IT specialists on-board for an in-house team of IT savants, there are more advantages to leaning on experts outside of your organization. Let’s take a look at the benefits of outsourced IT.

Outsourced IT Support Makes a Positive Impact on the Bottom Line

Outsource your IT work and you will likely lower your organization’s overhead costs. It takes big bucks to employ an in-house team of IT experts. These are salaried professionals who require full benefits. Outsource the work and you will pay significantly less. You won’t have to pay for benefits or continue to pay exorbitant salaries even when there is little work to do. Also, it costs plenty of money to train new IT workers. There are absolutely no training costs when you outsource the work to a team of IT experts.

Outsourced IT Mitigates Risk

All too often, an organization will hire an IT specialist, bring him on board with extensive training and watch him jump ship for a more lucrative employment offer. Hiring IT experts to work in-house is simply not worth the risk. Employee retention is a major hurdle in the IT realm. Alternatively, companies that outsource IT work will have immediate access to reliable IT experts who are contractually bound to provide IT services for a specific period of time. This way, if your organization is tasked with major IT challenges, you can rest easy knowing that outsourced IT support will always be available to lend assistance.


In-house IT employees tend to work 9 to 5. Though you can request that these employees keep their smartphones on and check their e-mails for emergency messages when away from work, they might not comply. Furthermore, some IT professionals view such a request as an intrusion of their privacy. Outsourced IT aficionados will likely be available around the clock. Outsource your IT work and you will tap into the power of a true team rather than one or two IT workers. If disaster strikes your network, you won’t have to fret as your outsourced IT collective will be ready and willing to help.

Outsourced IT Frees You up to Thrive in Your Specialty

Most business owners and managers have little-to-no IT knowledge. Though you can hire a handful of IT workers, you will still feel as though you have to learn the nuances of IT in case those individuals leave for other employment opportunities and you are tasked with managing your network. Learning the complexities of IT is not worth your time. Outsource your IT work and you will be able to narrow your focus on what you do best. Lean on your team of outside IT experts to solve programming, networking and server issues and your organization’s efficiency will undoubtedly spike.

Outsourced IT is a True Meritocracy

If you find that you are unsatisfied with the performance of your outsourced IT team, don’t fret. The market is chock full of other IT service providers who are ready to manage your IT challenges. You can always pivot by switching IT service providers as time progresses. The same can’t be said of in-house staff who can file wrongful termination lawsuits and claim costly unemployment benefits.

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