Business Disaster Preparedness


Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes might come to mind when you think of disaster preparedness. If your business is not in a hot spot for these types of events, you may consider yourself safe from most disasters. Yet, it is still prudent to prepare for disaster, because other events such as fires, floods and virtual crises due to cybercrime and network failures, are likely to take place anywhere.

To find out how prepared you already are for a possible disaster, here is a brief quiz that will help you assess your readiness, keep score by answering True or False  to each question:

1.My office has an emergency contingency plan in place for physical disasters.

2. IT is the only department responsible for disaster preparedness within my organization.

3. I keep my employees updated on the most current security threats and provide guidance on what to look for.

4. My business operations require a 24/7/365 model that involves constant uptime.

5. My organization houses onsite data that is critical to business operations.

6. My organization and its departments are organized and can coordinate effectively in the event of a catastrophic system failure or disaster.

7. If my business location were struck by a disaster, it could re-establish operations seamlessly or at a minimum within hours or days.

8. IT systems such as email, document storage, telephone PBX, etc. are essential components of doing business.

9. My datacenter can guarantee a 99.95% uptime.

10. My datacenter has an offsite disaster recovery location established and configured.

11. My organization needs a partner that can integrate my systems to mitigate disaster risk and ensure availability of systems and resources.

12. Critical IT systems and data are backed on an hourly and/or daily basis

13. In the event of system/server failure or disaster, data can be restored quickly and effectively. 

If you responded “true” to nine or more of these questions, you are on the right track to prepare your business in the event of a disaster. Were you more familiar with the first half of questions? If so, you may have a solid business continuity plan in place, but should investigate types of technology implementation that can make your current plans more effective. Similarly, if you found the second half of questions easier to answer, you have set in place technology preparations to mitigate disaster consequences, but may also need to consider some business initiative to explore.

If the majority of your questions were “false” or you did not know, do not panic. The IT pros at Gulf South Technology Solutions can help you formulate the best recovery plan for your business to make sure your data and information is safe from any possible disaster. 


Original Source: Microsoft-Disaster-Preparedness-eGuide-2012

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