Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

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Cloud computing is computing based on the internet, physical computers or servers in a building. Cloud computing has sky rocketed in recent years, and here you’ll find out why it is so beneficial.

1. Flexibility

Cloud computing gives flexibility to your employees, allowing them to work from anywhere. They are able to access files in and out of the workplace on any web-enable devices, such as smart phones, laptops, and notebooks.

2. Disaster recovery

With cloud-based services, companies no longer need complex disaster recovery plans. Cloud computing providers take care of most issues, and they do it faster. Aberdeen Group found that businesses which used the cloud were able to resolve issues in an average of 2.1 hours, nearly four times faster than businesses that didn’t use the cloud (8 hours).

3. Automatic software updates

Software updates can take hours! However, cloud computing suppliers do all server maintenance – including security updates –themselves, freeing up their customers’ time and resources for other tasks.

4. Cap-Ex Free

Cloud computing services are typically pay as you go, so there’s no need for capital expenditure at all. And because cloud computing is much faster to deploy, businesses have minimal project start-up costs and predictable ongoing operating expenses.

5. Equipment

What equipment? Use your business space for more productive things that benefit your company than a bunch of servers and wires.

6. Scalability

Cloud computing allows your business to easily upscale or downscale your IT requirements as and when required. Many providers can easily up your requirements for business growth, allowing you to keep up with the new growth without spending a ton of money on new IT equipment; or, they can downsize your requirements, if needed, so you are not paying for more than you need.

7. Document control

Sharing files is so easy! You can easily collaborate with a co-worker, or anyone, across the room or across the globe, anytime, anywhere. All files are in one central location, and everyone works off of one central copy. Without the cloud, team members can only work on the document one at a time, and have to constantly send files back and forth via email, making them less efficient.

8. Security

Every day thousands of devices are stolen – laptops, notebooks, cell phones –all with critical data. Given that your devices are password protected, you are likely only looking at a monetary loss of the device because all of your data and documents are still readily available in the cloud!

9. Competitiveness

Many larger companies have secondary data centers they can use for data backup and recovery, whereas smaller companies just back up to tape, usually. With the cloud, smaller companies can back up data or replicate servers to a remote site, and then fail-over the servers and network to the remote site in the event of a disaster. This gives smaller companies a competitive edge with larger companies.

10. Environmentally friendly

Businesses using cloud computing only use the server space they need, which decreases their carbon footprint.

Discover how Cloud Computing can benefit your business:

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