Why You Need to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business

network distaster plan

IT disasters are inevitable. Every day, companies somewhere are experiencing IT disasters. Damages range from lost productivity to lost businesses. Companies that recover the fastest and in the best shape do so because they have disaster recovery plans in place. 

That’s why an essential part of IT security is creating a detailed disaster recovery plan — in case your organization does suffer large data losses. The plan will be able to stop the damage and execute a planned recovery.

Any company that deals with digital information needs to have a disaster recovery plan. If you haven’t considered creating one, now is the time. Here are the major reasons why you need a disaster recovery plan in your business.

Security Risks

Every year, the business world creates billions of gigabytes of data on computers and mobile devices. If a company loses even a small percent of their own business, customer, or employee data, it can be disastrous. Data in the wrong hands can lead to identity theft or stolen assets. Being the victim of a cyber attack can also result in a bad public image for your company and, even, lost customer loyalty.

Business Closure

Businesses that suffer large and irretrievable data losses, often find the losses to be fatal to their businesses. In fact, research shows that nearly 93% of companies that lose data access for 10 days go out of business within one year. Nearly 40% of these companies never open again due to the loss of essential data. Only 6% of businesses that lose data on a large scale are able to recover and stay open for business.

Employee Downtime

Even when companies are able to stay open after a data loss, employees are frequently left with too much downtime, because they’ve lost access to the tools they need to do their jobs. If you are paying your employees during this time, you are losing revenue. If you don’t pay them while your business in down, you may lose your employees.

Lost Productivity

When staff members aren’t able to recover necessary files, they must recreate them manually. This is an enormously time-consuming and time-wasting task. Worse, it takes your employees away from the daily operation of your business. As a result, you experience the double-edge sword of loss.

Lost Profits

The time spent in recovery after a data disaster leads to fewer hours spent serving customers and generating new profits. Few companies can survive a few days, let alone a few weeks, of downtime trying to recreate business data lost in a disaster.

You don’t have to experience any of these business downfalls. Create a data disaster recovery plan now, so that you can mitigate the losses and recover quickly in the future. The experienced team at Gulf South Technology Solutions can help your company identify your risks for disaster recovery, business continuity, and security — and develop a formidable mitigation strategy, so you can keep your business running, even after a disaster hits.

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