Meet the Team: Jason Rivas, Service Coordinator


Here at Gulf South Technology Solutions, we are a well-oiled machine, and we would like to give you more insight into what we do and how we do it. Our Service Coordinator Jason Rivas talks about what his role entails and how it pertains to offering the best customer service.

1. Jason, as a Service Coordinator what is your main role with the customer?

The Service Coordinator position allows for better communication between the client and the technician. With the ever changing technology, sometimes it’s difficult to explain your unique issue in the manner that the technician can quickly resolve. 

2. What are some of the benefits of the client having a Service Coordinator?

Time and frustration! If I can save our customer 20 minutes trying to explain an issue, in a very untechnical way to someone that thinks in very technical terms, that’s a great benefit to them. Sometimes it can get frustrating, with both parties, trying to understand what needs to be done to resolve the client’s issue. 

3. Does your role as a Service Coordinator stop with taking the initial call or email?

Absolutely not. I follow the client’s ticket, from start to finish. That includes scheduling the appointment, updating the client of the status of the ticket, and then following up with the client after the work has been completed. 

4. What is your interaction with the engineers and technicians? 

At GSTS, we like to start the day with an early huddle every morning. Prior to the meeting, I go through each technician’s tickets and set schedule for the day. During the huddle we talk about their schedule and go over any obstacle or changes that might need to be made throughout the day. I make sure, throughout the day, that there is a constant flow of information between the client, the techs, and management. 

5. How does a Service Coordinator help the technicians perform at a higher level?

First, I’m able to explain the issue that our clients are having in a more technical and accurate way. Second, I try to set up each technician for success. I’ll pull equipment, call in warranty issues, contact the client and get information about their network or ISP’s. It all comes down to efficiency and time management. Having the tech or engineer work on the program at hand and not get distracted by some of the smaller tasks. In turn, this saves our clients time and money, and hopefully some frustration. 

6. Does your role stop there?

Not at all. With the GSTS ticketing system and monitoring software, I’m able to monitor server maintenance, schedule future Client Call Outs, and track recurring issues. We document all our clients’ equipment and take detailed notes anytime we work on a client’s network. We have a portal of information that allows us to go back and see previous work that has been completed and see admin credentials or any other important information about that particular customer. This allows any tech or engineer to step in and feel comfortable with that client’s network configuration. 

7. As a Service Coordinator, in an average day, what are some of your biggest obstacles to overcome?

Time management is very important. We don’t like to have gaps in productivity. I try to fit service calls in one after another. This goes back to setting up the technician or engineer for success and them prepared with all the tools they need to do their job correctly and accurately .

Setting priority with our clients is also very important. Some of our client’s definition of “CRITICAL” might be a little different from other’s. A server being down and halting production is obviously more critical than an Adobe Reader update alert. As a Service Coordinator I need to recognize that, prioritize it, and get those issues assigned to the right level of technician or engineer to resolve them. 

To hear more about Jason Rivas and his role as Gulf South Technology Solutions’ Service Coordinator, tune in below to his interview on “Tech Gumbo”.

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