Consumer Electronics Show 2016: Weird and Wonderful Tech



The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. Today, we will highlight a few noteworthy products unvelied at CES 2016. 

1. Sensorwake

Sensorwake is the clock that wants you to wake up with scents, not sound. One of the most hated sounds is your alarm clock in the morning, but imagine waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee or peppermint? This clock is equipped with a diffuser in which you can choose from six different scents to put inside. Scents that are currently available are: ocean, lush jungle, croissant, coffee, chocolate or peppermint. I don’t know about you, but I would much prefer waking up to the smell of the ocean than the shrill siren of an alarm clock!

2. LG Signature Fridge

Technology is advancing in every which way, and now you can have access to more advance technology in the comfort of your own home! The LG Signature Fridge is programmed to open automatically and to be hands-free with sensors that detect when you are standing nearby.  Another feature of this addition to your ‘smart home’ is a smart window which illuminates the contents inside.

3. The World’s First ‘Smart’ Bra

Staying on top of your new year’s resolutions will be that much easier with the OMbra, a sports bra which tracks your breathing rate, heart rate, and number of calories burned during exercise. This sports bra made by OMsignal is equipped with a little black box located near the wearer’s ribcage which collects and transmits this biometric data to the OM-signal mobile app. This piece of wearable technology is designed to help people manage their performance in a whole new way.

4. CleverPet

While there are many treat dispensers for our four-legged family members, CleverPet brings a new twist to the mix. The device itself is made so the dog or cat has to do some work to get their treat. They do so by pawing the lights; when your pet taps the right pad, out pops a treat. You can also program the device to where your animals have to follow a certain combination, like the Simon games, or just any light that comes up, like Whack-A-Mole.

5. Flexible Screens

Imagine a TV you can roll up like a newspaper. This year at CES, LG unveiled an 18-inch rollable display.  The OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology features images with enhanced clarity, deeper color saturation and sharper contrast than liquid crystal displays. For the time being, the screen is small, but LG says the roll-up display could eventually support 4K resolution and exceed 55 inches in size.

6. DietSensor

Developed by Rémy Bonnasse, DietSensor is essentially a massive database of food components. The corresponding app helps you measure your daily food intake, and then makes recommendations on what to eat and what not to eat based on your particular health profile. DietSensor also has preset plans for those who may have dietary restrictions, whether they are overweight, dibetic or have cholesterol or heart problems.  You can also enter your own consumption goals based on your dietician’s reccomendations.

7. Intel’s X-ray Helmet

The Daqri smart helmet is another piece of wearable technology showcased at CES.  This headpiece uses RealSense 3D camera technology, with clear plastic panels not only to protect the eyes of the wearers in an industrial landscape or work zone, but also to project augmented reality (AR) onto the screen. In real world situations, engineers could use this helmet to spot problems, or plumbers could use the image overlays and digital tools to assess damage.

From advancement in wearable technology to the development of more ‘smart home’ appliances, this year’s Consumer Electronic Show was full of new and exciting technology. Listen below to hear about more interesting products which were unveiled at CES 2016.


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