3 Major Benefits of Cloud Backup Services

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Tales of Data Loss Are Winding Down with Top-Notch Cloud Backup Services

It seems that nearly everyone who works with electronically stored information has a story of data loss. Whether a sudden power surge, a local car accident that fries the neighborhood and corporate center’s transformer, or a simple computer crash for a single worker, these stories often surround a massive amount of data and having lost hours, or more, of hard work. Stellar cloud backup services continue to help reduce the number of data loss yarns, across the board in the modern office.

3 Major Benefits of Cloud Backup Services

When you suffer some sort of power outage, or anything that sparks a loss of data, everything you have stored on your system is vulnerable. Files affected may include data, software programs, various downloads, music, photographs, videos and more, so it is important to make sure you have a

As you continually strive to diligently manage your IT department—perhaps on a lower budget than is ideal for your company’s needs, meaning you may not have the number of team members you truly need—you try to find the best avenues toward managing all of your critical data. You are not alone in your mission of managing data, as the task has become a major challenge for businesses of all sizes.

Along with many other IT professionals, you may find the perfect answer when exploring cloud backup options for your organization. Consider the following 3 major benefits of cloud backup services to help determine if it is the right solution for your company:

1. It Is Affordable.

When you take into account the cost of backup tapes drives, servers, and any other hardware you have to purchase, maintain and replace, as well as software and safe storage, the cloud backup services column will definitely have a significantly smaller sum total. Your backup in the cloud takes care of all the equipment, spatial requirements, and any other housekeeping and upkeep that would ordinarily tax your department’s resources. Since a cloud storage organization’s only job is to tend to your—and many other clients’ data around the world—it is essential that they stay ahead of the curve to keep equipment and physical storage space concerns off your desk.

2. It Is More Secure.

The first security benefit you might consider with cloud storage is the fact that you never need to worry about fires, floods, or break-ins since your data is nestled in the cloud. Next, when you factor in the cost of data breaches—around $200 per record, according to the Ponemon Institute—the peace of mind you will feel from cloud storage companies’ use of encryption will give you the freedom to take care of daily tasks easily and worry-free.

3. It Is Easy to Access.

You may worry that it is difficult to retrieve data in the cloud, but that is not the case. As long as you can connect to your remote server, you can access anything you need in an instant.

Basically, cloud backup services give you and your IT team the chance to take care of in-house computer hardware issues for your staff and executives on-the-spot, knowing your data is safe and ready for use at any time.


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