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Gulf South Technology Solutions’ Risk Management Assessment is the first step in the risk management process, where we work with your organization to identify your security risk level and obtain the resources needed to develop a risk management plan specific to your company.  This in-depth risk report will give you a complete overview of your systems, users, hardware, and software, allowing your organization to identify and address your IT security risks. 

Asset Discovery

Asset discovery is a crucial part of the risk assessment process and allows us to see a wide range of assets on your organizations network.  Discovering this information provides us with a complete overview of your systems, the hardware being utilized and any databases required to keep your company operational.  We utilize these assets in determining potential security risks, and can help to develop a specific plan for protecting these assets from intrusion, data loss and security breaches.  Our risk assessment report will help identify systems in place within your organization like:

  • Computers & Operating Systems
  • Web, Exchange and SQL Servers
  • Network hardware – Printers, scanners, faxes, etc
  • Network storage capacity and drive usage

Determining Your Risk Score

Your custom risk assessment will deliver an overall risk score for your organization, ranking your risk factors from “Low Risk” to “High Risk” before further breaking down the specific factors that led to this score.  This score provides Gulf South Technology Solutions with an overall look at your company’s IT health.  This risk score is based on a large number of factors including:
  • Domain controller, Mail, SQL, and Time Server Analysis
  • In-depth user, access role, and password strength analysis
  • Internet access, network discovery, network shares, major applications analysis

User Discovery

One of the most important, and unfortunately the most often overlooked risks our report includes is a user discovery analysis.  During our risk assessment, we will take a look at the users on your systems, the roles they are assigned and the access level they’ve been given.  In addition, we are able to identify active and inactive computers/users on your system which can pose an increased security risk.  By identifying these users and their access levels, we can help to remove the threat of outside access from former employees, remove or restrict access on a per user basis to certain systems and ultimately determine which assets are being used and those that are being wasted.

  • Total system users (enabled and disabled)
  • Enabled users access history (last login, etc)
  • Security Group Distribution
  • Total Inactive users and computers
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