5 Ways to Boost Cybersecurity for the Midterm Elections

cybersecurity for 2022 midterm elections

As we move closer to the 2022 midterm elections, tensions are high between those on the left and right over election integrity. However, some steps can be taken to ensure the elections are secure.

Paper ballots, following government best practices, transparency and communication, and security partnerships are all key to building trust with the voting public and avoiding interference in the democratic process. This article will explain the importance of each of these measures.

The Importance of Paper Ballots

The use of paper ballots is critical to ensuring the integrity of elections. Paper ballots can be easily verified by voters and provide a physical record that can be used to check against electronic vote totals.

This is important because it provides a way to ensure that voting machines are working correctly. In addition, paper ballots facilitate post-election audits, which can help to catch errors or fraud.

While some election officials have been resistant to the use of paper ballots, there is growing consensus that they are necessary to ensure the integrity of elections. In fact, many states have passed laws mandating the use of paper ballots in recent years.

Ensuring Officials are Following Best Practices

It is also vital that election officials follow best practices for cybersecurity. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has published guidance on protecting critical infrastructure, including election systems.

This guidance, known as “Shields Up,” provides recommendations on how to harden systems against the attack and what steps to take if an attack does occur.

Transparency and Communication in Elections

Furthermore, officials must be more transparent about their efforts to ensure election integrity and security in accordance with the law.

This means providing information to the public about election security protocols, as well as clear and concise communications in the event of an incident.

An excellent example to follow is the Santa Clara County, California Election Administration Security and Integrity White Paper, published in May 2022.

This whitepaper paper covers:

  • county procedures and processes
  • security infrastructure and partnerships
  • voter data information
  • voting centers
  • post-election processes
  • and much more.

Although people will always find something to disagree with, being more open can only help to improve the faith people have in the election process.

avoiding election fraud hacking

Building Trust with Security Partnerships

Fourth, security partnerships with the private sector, other government peer entities, and academia are crucial to building trust and ensuring election integrity.

Many private companies offer election security services, including cybersecurity firms. These partnerships can help to provide additional resources and expertise to election officials.

We are one such company offering a comprehensive platform that helps election officials secure their systems. Our platform includes tools for risk management, incident response, and security awareness training.

In addition, we have a team of experts who can provide advice and support on election security best practices. We also offer a free security assessment to help election officials identify vulnerabilities in their systems.

Contact us to learn more about our election security services and how we can help you protect your next election.

Transparency and Communication in Elections

And, most importantly, communicate. Make certain your community is aware that you’re doing everything feasible to guarantee honest and legal procedures are followed correctly.

By taking these steps, you will help build public trust and confidence in the security of our elections.


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